Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a field that is in huge demand among people of all age groups. It mainly refers to dental aesthetics and is used to get a beautiful smile by correcting the color of teeth, its position, shape and size. Sometimes it is necessary to prevent further decay or to correct discolored, chipped or misshapen teeth in case of accidents.

Common cosmetic dental procedures

While previously cosmetic dentistry was largely associated with models, actresses or those who led an active public life, it is not so these days as everyone wants to sport a beautiful smile. It is essential to obtain the services of a good, trained dentist when opting for a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Dentist Arlington have also reported an increased demand for cosmetic procedures. Arlington has a good number of highly skilled dentists who have expertise in cosmetic dental procedures. Some of the common cosmetic dental procedures are

  • Dental bonding – This is one of the easiest and cheapest of all dental procedures. In this process, a resin that matches the color of a patient’s teeth is applied and later on bonded with a special light. This procedure is mainly preferred by dentist, Arlington to repair chipped teeth, close gaps or to change the shape of the teeth.

  • Crowns – Crowns are placed over weak or damaged tooth to improve its overall size, shape or appearance. They last anywhere between five to fifteen years.

  • Enamel Shaping – Enamel Shaping is another preferred choice to correct tiny tooth imperfections.

  • Orthodontics or Braces – Braces are commonly used by both adults and children to improve the overall tooth appearance. The procedure is largely recommended by Dentist Arlington as they help in changing the tooth structure by applying pressure over time. There are many types of braces available currently for this procedure and a dentist can help choose the correct one depending on the requirements of a patient.

  • Teeth Whitening – Teeth Whitening is suitable for people who have healthy teeth which have slight yellow tones. A dentist can suggest the best option for a patient depending on the structure and the tooth color even though multiple options are available for this procedure.

  • Fillings – Tooth fillings are used by dentists to replace teeth that is chipped or cracked due to constant wear and tear or an accident. Many fillings such as silver and composite are available and one can choose the best one depending on their usage and budget.

Cosmetic dental choices have evolved with time and are the preferred choice for people who wish to sport that stunning smile. One can visit the website to get an idea about the cosmetic dental procedures available at the offices of Dr. Mark C. Marchbanks who is a skilled dentist located at Arlington


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