Different Types of Dentures

Dentures have acted as tooth replacements since many years. Even though they can never take the place of original teeth, they prevent a person’s face from sagging which is the common side effect of teeth loss. Nowadays the production of dentures and its placement in teeth have so much evolved that, people are no longer uncomfortable sporting one. It can give a beautiful smile and also aid in eating all your favourite food stuffs. As a result people of all ages with teeth loss are more or less opting for treatment with dentures in Fort Worth.

Dentures serve as replacements for missing teeth .In some cases where most of teeth are decayed; a full denture is suggested by Sedation Dentistry. Some people also use partial dentures in Fort Worth in case of missing teeth .Dentures are quite flexible in that they can be removed or put back in place as and when required. They are designed to provide optimum comfort and a natural look to the wearer. Dentures in Fort Worth are manufactured in a dental lab using impressions taken from a person’s teeth.

Types of Dentures

  • Full Denture – This is an elaborate process, wherein a dentist takes impressions of your tooth and removes the entire decayed tooth. Then a person’s mouth is left to heal which may take several months. After this, the dentist places the newly manufactured dentures. The main disadvantage of the process is that, the person should remain toothless for the entire healing time of the jaws. This can cause a major discomfort for some people.

  • Immediate Full Denture – In this case, dentists place a new set of dentures in Fort Worth on the same day when the decayed tooth are removed. This saves a person of the ordeal of remaining toothless for a long time. But the patient should visit the dentist to get his dentures relined as dentures will become loose after a couple of months following the healing process.

  • Partial denture – Partial dentures in Fort Worth are placed using a metal framework which is designed to get attached to natural teeth. They are removable at a later stage and are a better alternative to bridges. They are used in cases where a single or a couple of tooth needs replacement following decay or an injury.

Dentures in Fort Worth, can be quite uncomfortable to the wearer in the first few weeks after their insertion. It can cause of sense of heaviness in the mouth. It is also not uncommon to experience sores in the mouth during the initial days.

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