Game Designing

Each person defines a game in his own way,” writes Brian Sutton-Smith in his book, The Study of Games. The idea could not have been put in a more explicit form. Game designing is a complete art; it requires a technician, an artist and a competent writer.

The Beginning:

The dawn of an idea is the beginning of a new game.

Digitalizing the Idea:

 It requires the appropriate knowledge of how to use a computer and its graphics. The initial picture formulated in mind is now designed keeping the following elements in mind:

  1. World Design: It is the creation of a background and a theme. It is usually done by the lead designer who is also the producer of the idea of the game.
  2. System Design: It is the setting of a mathematical pattern and rules for the game.
  3. Content Design:It involves designing the characters and obstacles in their path.
  4. Game Writing: It includes the writing of dialogues and stories in a captivating way.
  5. Level Design: It is the creation of the different stages which lead to the final trophy.
  6. Audio Design: This is the composition of the background sounds in a game.
  7. Interface Design: This is the design of user-interaction parts like menus, etc.
  8. Meeting the Standards: It is absolutely essential to ensure a high standard for the game, from the beginning till the end. The world buys what it sees; and the world criticizes generously. To meet the demands of the market, the designers review the games tirelessly, and even play it before they hit the shelves. In this aspect, games which have a multitude of levels face a huge practical dilemma.
  9. Getting It Published: Once a game is designed, it has to be verified and published before it can be deemed eligible for sale. Understandably, the publishers charge for their efforts; a thorough research on the list of publishers helps to approach the more cost-effective ones.
  10. Capital in the Pocket: Game designing is an expensive affair, from the use of computers to paying the team and publishers. A pocket that is full is a pocket that gains more.


In a Nutshell:

Designing a game is thus a complete art, which should not be underestimated. It is, after all, not easy to entertain an audience that has thousands of options lying scattered about its feet.

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