Garmin drive assist 50 NA LMT review

Garmin Drive Assist 50 NA LMT devices have taken the world by storm. Everyone these days relies on GPS services while planning to visit anew place. Most of the times, GPS features are inbuilt in mobile phones these days. But still many people are not comfortable to use the GPS installed in smart phones. Also devices like Garmin Drive Assist 50 NA LMT are well designed and can provide accurate directions which can make tracking locations a breeze.

Garmin Drive Assist 50 NA LMT has a special voice search feature which enables you to find the desired location rather easily. This is a very good feature which is quite helpful while driving as one need not touch the screen repeatedly .It provides updates about traffic congestion and leads the way once you start driving. The screen will show pop up icons for various points of interest like gas stations, restaurants, cafes etc. which can be vital in new places.

A camera fitted at the back records the entire drive and is found to be helpful in case of accidents. The camera also provides regular alerts to the driver when he changes the line or if a driver is approaching a car rather fast. If you pair drive assist with the blue tooth feature of smart phones, you can receive calls, text messages and even calendar reminders while on the move. The Smart phone link mobile app provides weather and traffic information which can come in handy especially while navigating aling unknown territories.

The device also has a babycam feature which lets you to keep an eye on the kids while driving alone with a small kid. The integrated dash board camera can be rotated left or right allowing ease of flexibility while driving. The screen provides a 3 dimensional view of landmarks in crowded areas making it easier to navigate. The capacitive touch screen is highly responsive. The screen is bright even though it does not have much resolution. The Garmin Drive assist is populated with information from Foursquare which provides information about local restaurants and places of interest while on the move which can make the drive truly enjoyable.

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