How To Obtain A Student Visa In Canada?

Canada is considered to be an educational hub. It has lots of reputed educational institutions where students can pursue their higher education. The higher education institutions provide a gateway to a great career within Canada or anywhere across the world. In order to study in Canada, students from other countries should apply for a student visa. This student visa is available for a fixed duration depending on the education program you choose. After the expiry of student visa, students are asked to leave the country or they should apply for a visa under a different category.

An applicant should obtain a student visa only if he wishes to pursue a study programme that lasts more than six months. In order to obtain a student visa, a lot of documentation is required. Also students should fulfil certain conditions before applying for the visa. Every year millions of students from across the world will be applying for a student visa. But only a small portion of them will get selected. It is a daunting process to get the documentation right and finally be granted a visa. Hiring an immigration lawyer can make the process simpler. These lawyers often work as a team and are well versed in the immigration procedures. Hence they can guide students better with the documentation process. An immigration lawyer can increase your chances of getting a student visa.

First and foremost, students who intend to apply for a visa should have a valid passport. They must furnish an offer letter of admission that is provided by the learning institution where they intend to pursue their higher education. Then you have to submit financial documents which prove that you can support yourself so that you can pay the fees for the course and can also support yourself financially during the course period. Also a student or applicant should not have any previous criminal record and must be a law abiding citizen. To prove the same, he or she should provide a police certificate also. The applicant should undergo a health check up procedure according to the terms of the Canadian Government to prove that he or she is physically fit. Also a student should be able to convince the immigration officer that he or she will leave the country of Canada once his studies get over.

Each and every student’s conditions will be different and they will be facing many more constraints. A good immigration lawyer can take you through the process and can guide in procuring the correct documents. All these can increase the chances of getting a student visa.

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