Intelligence Quotient

IQ of Stephen Hawkings has always been in discussion and still a trendy topic. If you have not heard this term before, you should know the basics of IQ meaning. Intelligence Quotient is a measurement of a person’s reasoning capacity. To put it in a simple words, it is a measured to check how well a person can use the logic to answer questions or make any predictions. Intelligence Quotient (IQ) tests have begun to assess this by measuring the short and long term memory. IQ tests will measure how well a person can solve the logical problems and how quickly they can recall the information they have heard.

The IQ tests will generate the score based on few tests like verbal intelligence, spatial intelligence, numerical intelligence and logical intelligence. the scores of various tests are calculated together to generate the IQ score of a person. An average IQ score should be 100, if it exceeds then they are considered as a smart person than average and if it is lesser than 100 then they are usually referred as a less smart than an average person.

Following tips will help you to enhance the ability of IQ:

Deep Breathe to Increase IQ: The deep breath will relax a person extremely and helps us to remain calm and composed. Deep breathing techniques will infuse the oxygen into the blood and hence into the brain to enhance the brain functionality. This is the simple way to increase an IQ quickly. Meditation is another level for relaxing. Try to meditate every day for few minutes as it will relax our mind as well as body.

Daily exercise to improve IQ score: Exercise will pump the blood into the brain to increase its functionality. Walking will work for many but aerobics is always recommended. The hours of sleep will also contribute for IQ score. Your body and mind needs sleep when it is required, always go to bed early and wake up early.

Diet to enhance IQ: Regular intake of foods which are rich in proteins will boost up the IQ. The protein has got ability to increase the functionality of brain that helps in developing the problem solving skills and methods. Always stay away from the foods that are high in carbohydrates, it contains insulins and in turn it reduces the thinking capability.

All these above techniques are found to be very much effective in order to increase the IQ in a person. All these methods will make up you to face any task in a better way.

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