Melbourne Landscape Architects

Melbourne is a city that is home to immigrants, Australians and many others. It has a good temperate climate throughout the year which supports gardening and landscape architecture. As a result the city is home to many reputed firms who specialize in providing customized landscape architecture services. Having a landscaped garden is essentially considered to increase one’s social status. Melbourne Landscaping Mates architects are in great demand throughout the country. Houses or buildings with landscaped and well maintained gardens have been found to fetch more returns in the property market. While hiring a landscape architect, one should consider the following points

  • Budget – Budget plays a crucial role in landscape design. One should fix his budget before planning to hire Melbourne landscape architects

  • Scope of work – It is important for you to take pictures of the place where you wish to get landscape designed.

  • Priorities – Before hiring a landscape architect be clear about the reason behind opting for landscape architecture. For example – to increase the value of your property, to change some spaces in your house to accommodate more members, to have a pool of your dreams installed etc. Discuss about these things while choosing a landscape architect

  • Right fit – Choose the landscape architect who shares the same values and beliefs as you do. For example – some people would like to use high end design materials, some others might opt for an edible garden or a playful garden area for children. Whatever might be your priorities, discuss it in advance with the landscape architect and choose the one who is best in that field

  • Portfolio – Before zeroing on a landscape architect, you can have a look at his portfolio. This can help you in determining if he is the right fit for the landscape garden place that you have in mind. Also speak about your budget constraints to ensure that the chosen architect will deliver the project within the scope of your budget.

  • Discuss work – be clear about your requirements. Make sure that the landscape architect knows if you are looking just for a landscape design plant, a plan to plant the plants or if you are looking for an architect who can handle the entire process for you, ranging from concept design to administration of construction works. Also make sure to define the scope of work clearly while drawing out a service contract after selecting the Melbourne Landscape Architect.

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