Organic Weed Killer Tips

An organic weed killer is important in certain regions where it does not rain very often. Using chemicals to kill weeds causes a chemical buildup and that will be growing until a good rain storm hits, and all such chemical buildup from every yard suddenly drains into the sewer system on its way to ocean. Whenever it rains in a low rainfall area, beaches and coastline are getting polluted with such weed killer chemicals and hence, beach goers are advised not to swim.

This is why organic weed killers are used instead of such chemical weed killers. It is difficult to do a landscaping business in a low rainfall region because, there will be more weeds growing unnecessarily and spoil the look of your garden. You need to remove such unwanted growth of weeds as well as should keep environment free from any chemicals. Thus, organic weed killer will help you to handle such situation. There are a few organic household compounds that work pretty well as organic weed killers. Such compounds are generally cheap too, which will help you to save money.

The basic principle why organic weed killers work is because they are almost like acid. Usually weeds won’t grow on acid as do regular plants, but the interesting thing is that not all plants hate such acidic soil. Some of the interesting plants would grow well in an acidic soil and hence, you got an idea how to maintain your garden free from weeds. You have to plan some acid loving plants and maintain your soil more on the acidic side with plants like coffee grounds and garden sulfur.

You plant some pine trees, which will drop their needles onto the ground and hence, pine needles cause the soil to become acidic and plant then with overshadowing trees which will become a very good barrier against weeds.

Some of the acid loving garden plants are Azaleas, Camellias, Blueberries, Gardenias Hibiscus, Hydrangea and Magnolia and many more. These are beautiful plants that prefer acidic soil that weeds don’t generally like.

If you want to use some best weed killer to your garden, try planting such acid loving plants and also can use vinegar spray. In case, if you don’t want acid living plants in your garden, then try with vinegar sprays onto the soil. But be cautious about it, as too much spraying of vinegar will harm the regular plants. Thus, you can make your lawn looking beautiful with the use of organic weed killers.


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