Remember The Things Before Building Own Skateboard

Build your own skateboards is now one of the many gimmicks sports shops, skateboarding shops and various skateboarding websites offer for their clients. This is one of their many ways to entice their clients to create a personalized skateboard rather than purchasing something that is ready to use. In addition, aside from the various materials that could be purchased from such stores, their shop assistants also provide ways to help you get that perfect skateboard you have long been dreaming of.

When you build your own skateboard, the first thing that would be done is to take your height measurements as well as the width of your feet. Measurements can then be compared to skateboarding charts to determine the length and the width of the wooden plank that would be used. In addition, the purpose of the skateboard should also be needed as this could help as an additional guideline regarding the plywood’s measurement. Some skateboards would do well with wider coverage while others would not exactly be suitable especially if it would be used for extreme sports.

The next important things are the sets of wheels. Wheels come in different kinds depending on their hardness, sizes as well as colors and designs. Wheel measurements are also necessary and are measured in diameter and durometer. The diameter refers to the start of one end of the wheel across to its other end while the durometer would refer to the degree of hardness of the wheel. The surface of the terrain in which the skateboard will be used will determine the degree of hardness of the wheel. Minor details of the wheel would concern its design and its colors although these two details can easily be altered.

Bearings are also important things to remember when you build your own skateboard. They should not be taken for granted as they would be the latch that would keep your skateboard together and compact. Like the bearings, trucks are equally important as they connect the bottom deck with the wheels. It would be important to know the right truck size as this would determine the ease of maneuvering the skateboard.

A wrong size truck could either be too soft or too difficult to manipulate. The truck height would also be important if one is flipping or jumping with a skateboard. Low truck height would be the best for this kind of purposes.

Several points are therefore needed to be remembered when you build your own skateboard. This is to ensure that you get to have a skateboard that you personally customized but at the same time is equally safe to use.

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