Salesforce Implementation

Salesforce has now emerged as the leading app in CRM. This is because over the years since its inception, the companies using this software have reported a considerable raise in sales revenues, lead conversion, customer satisfaction and faster deployment. The credit for the surge in their revenues should be also given to the sales force implementation team and the Salesforce integration partners. A good implementation partner can give valuable advice which can help in the growth of the team.

An efficient Sales force implementation team comprises of

  • Executive sponsor – A person who has a clear cut understanding of the goals related to Sales force implementation and the nature of the project is well suited for this role.

  • Project Manager – He is the person responsible for the success of the project and he has to finally make the project go live by mapping it into the sales force automation process.

  • Administrator – This person should run the CRM on a day to day basis. He has to keep updating the sales force about the changing business needs.

  • Power User – These may be customers, clients, users or key partners with whom the company personnel have regular conversations. This person is expected to have a good understanding of the needs of a business.

Given below are some of the steps that are crucial for the success of a salesforce implementation

  • Define the process – The first step towards Salesforce implementation involves defining each CRM process such as campaign set up, customer acquisition planning and lead flow according to the Scope of Work. You can also create a flowchart using tools like Lucid chart, Microsoft Visio etc. to help everyone in the team understand better.

  • Planning – Planning and mentioning timelines are very important as it helps each team member to plan his or her strategy better. While mentioning timelines highlight major project milestones such as the project start date, database switch date and the Salesforce go live date.

  • List out the roles – Hold a meeting with the key decision makers in the company and list out the roles and the person who is most suitable for each role. Assign responsibilities and also explain them as to why they are a part of this initiative.

  • Feedback – It is important share the plans of your project with customers or end users. If possible interact with them to take their feedback. This can help in the success of a particular salesforce implementation.

By keeping all these points in mind and planning accordingly an organization can perform a successful salesforce implementation.

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