Thailand- The Land of Temples or Spiritual Centers

Thailand is located in the southeast part of the asian country and it is recognized as the “Land of Buddhist Temples”. It has many exotic temples with attractive architecture, sculpture, mural arts and the statues of lord buddha in various poses. Millions of travelers like holiday vacationers, new couples and trekkers from all over the globe rush to the place to enjoy the trip. Many travel packages are helping the visitors to have a comfortable and happy stay in Thailand.

Several places in Thailand attract the tourists with many features like natural beauty and entertainment. The temples of Thailand are the must visit places and they attract the people through its spiritual ambience. The Temple of Emerald Buddha is one of the holy places of Thailand. This temple is located in the Grand palace of holy district Phra Nakon of Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The emerald buddha represents the religious and political potential of the country.

Statue of emerald buddha is of the height about 65 cm and it is dark green in color. The idol has been carved in the single jade stone and it looks so good and attractive. The covering given around the statue of meditating buddha should be changed eventually and the prince of Thailand does this every year during the summer, rainy season and the winter. Since the temple is located in Grand palace of Bangkok and it is one of the main tourist attraction in Bangkok, more travelers visit the place every year. To enjoy the Travel with peace of mind in Thailand, don’t miss a chance to visit this holy temples of the city.

In Thailand there are many other temples like Temple of Tigers, Pho Temple, Temple of Dawn and many more. In southern part of the Thailand there are many temples, and each will be having its own history and significance. The Buddha cave, Riang Temple and Tiger Cave temples will come under the package of South Thailand tour. The Southern part of Thailand has a famous temple called Chiang Dao cave, which is a Buddhist temple located in the Suthep mountain. Like this each and every corner of Thailand has many spiritual centers and that is why the place has taken the name “Land of Temples”.

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