Which Digital Photo Frame Is Best

Digital photo frames have taken the world by storm. Everyone these days would like to own one of them. They have replaced the conventional photo frames and photo albums of yester years. These frames are quite light on the pocket and are the perfect gift option for weddings or other family gatherings .Most importantly; digital photo frames help you to make your memories come alive. Most people these days have abundance of photos. Thanks to the digital cameras. The ease of use and the ability to correct a photo even after it is clicked has made most of the people to own one. As there is no limitation barring the memory of the device to click photos in a digital camera, people often go overboard with it.

Even though there are many storage devices available for these digitally captured images, nothing can beat the digital photo frame. These photo frames have flooded the markets these days to cater to the growing demand. People often face the daunting task of choosing the best digital photo frame. To make matters easier and to help such people, given below is a list of some of the best digital frames that are currently available in the market.

  • Pix – Star- When it comes to choosing the best digital frame to buy, pix- star wins hands down. This cloud based device is available in sizes of 15 inches and 10.4 inches. One can choose the best depending on his needs and budget. The device has LED back light that supports energy conscious viewing. But the major draw with this photo frame is the wifi functionality that is unique in the market and can help people to send and receive photos using the photo frame itself. One does not have to bring in a third device to transfer photos. The device has around 4GB of memory which supports or holds around 20,000 photos. Pix – Star also supports USB, SDHC, and SDXC cards for better storage facilities.

  • Nix Advance 10 – Inch – This is a 10 inch digital photo frame and has 8GB of storage space. It even has a Hu- Motion sensor which turns the device on and off sensing movements up to a particular range in a room. The device however does not have a wifi. It comes equipped with a remote control, stand, clock and has calendar functions as well. It even has stereo speakers which support the playing of videos.

  • Tenker Seven Inch – The Tenker seven-inch HD Digital Photo Frame has support for 720p and partial 1080p HD video playback on the 1024 x 600 IPS (16:9) display. It also has a unique auto rotate functionality due to which the digital frame adjusts itself according to the photo. It is a plug and play device and hence can be kept anywhere or used by anyone and everyone.

  • Nixplay Original digital photo frame – The device has a 15 inch display that is ideal for all day viewing of special memories. This device allows you to add photos from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and Flickr. It also has 10Gb of free storage and allows you to edit playlists anytime you like.

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