Why Is Cheating On A Playstation Tricky?

Consoles are made for limited purpose such as general gaming and multimedia purposes. Such same rule will be applicable for PS4 too. Here in the PS4 console, there will be a limited and simple access for gamers and, they won’t get full access over the PS4 machine. The reason behind this is, PS4 will allow installation of certain applications that have been authorized by the creators of the console. In other words, there is no disallowed or pirated applications or altered applications such as hacks and they are only get installed onto the console when all programs signed with code. This will be validated by the developer before the running process.

It is impossible to run your own custom applications on a PS4 without turning it into a PC and it is mostly needed if you want to play online. PS4 is a kind of closed system and you can expect the activities of a normal computer such as running any kind of application and giving user, the root access as well as right to alter any code at any time.

Common Misconceptions when it comes to PS4 Cheats:

Let us discuss some myths and views of hacking on the PS4:

  1. There is no USB stick hack which is possible in case of other PC games.
  2. Hackers or Cheaters on PS4 games are generally rare, because game cheats available for PS4 games are very rare.
  3. There are no online “generators”, “hacks” or “adders” that do anything in PS4 gaming system and hence, don’t trust some survey scams.

You may have a doubt that how to use game trainer in PS4 Console. But there is one website called Touchgen, where they are providing service of many game cheats in addition to PS4 game cheat. Some of the game cheat provided by them are Green Hell Cheat, Deep Rock Galactic Cheat, The Universim Cheat, Dragon Quest XI Cheat, Valkyria Chronicles 4 Cheat, Immortal Unchained Cheat, State of Decay 2 Cheat, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Cheat, Final Fantasy XV Cheat, No Mans Sky Cheat and Oxygen Not Included Cheat etc.

There are some automatically generated user input bots that can be achieved easily, but is mostly useful for single player games system, unless you find the actual way to program bot using camera’s visual recognition. It is possible to hack a PlayStation controller input to a PC and, generate user inputs from there, but you can carry out all such activities with an access to the console memory of RAM. Otherwise, it will be an impossible task for the bot to react any specific game state.


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